Industrial Lifting Equipment

Safety plays an increasingly vital role in the way companies are managed. In order to maintain profitability and dependability you require a supplier that understands your very individual needs, and provides the right products and advice quickly and efficiently.

Delphini can provide the equipment and solutions you need – when you need it – tested, certified equipment that is totally reliable.

We have developed a range of products and services that is ideally suited for the needs of industry. Our workshop and stores, based in Tilbury, can supply, manufacture, and test all types of lifting equipment as well as supply fabrications and machined components.

With a progressive outlook and fully trained sales and technical staff Delphini can offer advice and supply the most cost effective solution whether in a Factory, Construction Site or Warehouse.

Our technical catalogue details many of the products that we sell. As we design and manufacture a huge range of bespoke lifting equipment it is impossible to include everything.

Please contact our fully trained technical sales staff who will help you with your enquiry.

What we sell

As well as our in house design and manufacture of bespoke lifting equipment we sell a full range of lifting tackle and accessories.

Please see our catalogue for more information:

Whose Products do we sell?

We have our own range of lifting equipment sourced from approved manufactures; in addition to this we sell the following recognised brands:

A core part of our business is polyester webbing slings, roundslings, and ratchet load restraints "ratchet straps".

Our standard range of flat webbing slings starts at 500kg SWL and our largest sling is 40Tonne SWL. Our roundslings range from 1Tonne to 150Tonne.

We also offer bulk sales of endless flat slings for the steel and timber trade.


Round Slings are manufactured to BS EN 1492-2, and conform to "Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC," with a safety factor of 7:1. Capacities are colour coded to indicate the working load limit.

Round Slings are manufactured from high tenacity 100% polyester fibre. The load bearing fibres are wound together to form an endless hank. The working load limit is determined by the number of turns in the hank.

The hank is then protected by a polyester, non-load bearing, seamless cover. This protects and consolidates the load bearing fibres. Internal damage to these fibres is virtually impossible without first damaging the outer cover.

All slings are individually labelled, captivated in clear plastic sleeve, stating sling number, material, length, date of manufacture and other relevant safety information.

Webbing Slings

Webbing slings are manufactured to BS EN 1492-1 2000 from 100% polyester fibre and conform to "Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC," with a safety factor of 7:1.

All slings are colour coded, identifying the relevant working load limit, and are individually labelled stating sling number, material, length, date of manufacture and any relevant safety information. All load bearing seams are sewn with a contrasting colour of thread to the sling, to facilitate inspection procedures.

Slings can be manufactured to any specified length with flat eyes, folded eyes or made endless to suit all applications.

Ratchet Load Restraint

Ratchet load restraints are manufactured to BS EN 12195-2 2000 from 100% polyester fibre and conform to "Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC," .

Our ratchets webbing can be made from any colour, and the webbing is marked with stripes for the breaking load and are individually labelled stating serial number and length (on both parts loose and fixed end if applicable), material, date of manufacture and any relevant safety information.

We can print the webbing to show your company logo, name or website address. We have even supplied pink ratchet assemblies with a bow for breast cancer support.

Our range starts with the smaller 25mm webbing and goes up to include 75mm webbing.

Ratchet assemblies can be manufactured to any specified length with flat eyes, folded eyes, claw hooks or endless to suit all applications.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the Delphini ratchet, we have spent years refining it to ensure that the product we offer is high quality that stands out from the crowd.

Our ratchet is fitted with double springs on the handle locking plate making it easy to use and offering a positive locking action. We also have a heavy gage 6 ½ turn spring on the fixed end locking plate.

To fully comply with EN12195 all of our webbing has a breaking load of 3 x the lashing capacity making our 50mm ratchets truly 5Tonne unlike so many on the market.

Confused by lashing capacities and what a 4Tonne & 5Tonne ratchet really is? Read our explanation here.

Multilift Modular Spreaders

We design and manufacture a range of modular spreaders for heavy lifting. Our range comprises of:

24Tonne SWL

50Tonne SWL

70Tonne SWL

110Tonne SWL

140Tonne SWL

These spreaders are portable and easy to assemble giving all the benefits of a trusted solution.

Multilift Fixed Spreaders

Our range of fixed spreaders are ideal for low cost lifts, ranging from 2Tonne up to 30Tonne.

An easy, cost effective solution with express deliveries available.

Lifting Frames & Beams

We are different to many other firms because we do offer a full in house design service. We are willing to work with our customer to provide a drawing upfront, so you can see the solution and what you are getting.

Try us out, we are sure that you will notice the difference to other lifting gear companies.

Forklift Truck Attachments

There are scores of companies on the internet offering 100s of different fork truck attachments. What makes Delphini different?

To be honest you would not come to us for a 1Tonne hook attachment, you might come to us if you needed to lift 30Tonne steel coils!

What makes us different is that your lifting problem is our challenge. Our design team relishes the opportunity to identify how to solve your lifting problems!