Yacht Shipping Cradles

Delphini Ltd has years of experience working in maritime industry. In that time we have identified the need in the market for an innovative range of sailing yacht, motor boat and super yacht shipping cradles.

Our range consists of:

  • Flat rack and “Mafi" dock trailer stands
  • One way shipping cradles ranging from 30ft to 80ft motor boats
  • Modular adjustable reusable motor boat cradles ranging from 30ft to 28M motor boats
  • BigRig range of Super Yacht shipping cradle components
  • Sailing yacht shipping cradles both one way and reusable in modular adjustable design


All of our cradles and cradling components have been independently checked to our Shipping Cradle Design Concept.

This concept has been developed using our experience as engineers and the knowledge and skills of a Chartered Structural Engineer.

Our Shipping Cradle Design Concept aided by computer modelling fully considers loads and stability whilst at sea. At its core is the recognised Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (the CSS code), published by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

We believe that our Design Concept sets us apart from other cradle designers as each of our designs can be tested prior to even being manufactured.

With our ISO 9001 approved Quality Management System and our EC Construction Regulation approval for Structural Steelwork to EN1090, we believe that our shipping cradles are the best designed and the best made in the business.

Props & Superprops

All of our cradles whether for a 30ft motor boat or for a 60M Super Yacht are adjustable to ensure that they can be positioned just where they are needed. Our smaller cradles use standard screwed support props but our larger range use the aluminium Superprop. Our Superprop has allowed us to push the envelope and design cradles that can truly take the strain.

Pads & Keel Blocks

We understand that the parts of our cradles that contact the yacht must be strong whilst being made to not damage the finish. We also understand the relationship between loading weight on the keel and the pad to ensure that neither is over loaded.

We use oak from sustainable sources for most of our heavy duty keel blocks, this provides us with a perfect non slip surface that will compress or “give", just enough to avoid damage. Our smaller one-way cradles use marine ply or neoprene rubber.

Our pads use environmentally friendly recycled fibres in a woven wadding. We fold multiple layers of this material which is then compressed and encased in a PVC covering secured to marine plywood. This provides excellent support for the hull and reduces the risk of damage to the finish significantly.

One-way Shipping Stands

Sometimes a cradle is not required to travel with the boat. Smaller boats typically up to 45ft can fit onto flat rack containers and dock “Mafi" trailers for shipment. Our range of lightweight, low cost stands are perfect for such shipments.

The stands locate in the lashing pockets of the flat rack or dock trailer, allowing for the boat to be lifted and secured directly to it, with little fuss and no need for any assembly.

Our stands are supplied with our compressed pad head to provide support and are height adjustable. Most boats require an angled stand for the bow and a straight stand for the stern and midships. Just let us know the make and model of the boat and we can guide you to make the right choice.

One Way Shipping Cradles

Often the transport costs and hassle of returning shipping cradles can be very high. Or perhaps the boat owner would like to keep a cradle for yard use. For these reasons we have designed a range of well thought out, cost effective one way shipping cradles.

DEL 30F Suitable for motor boats approx 30ft in length, with a max weight of 8,000kg

DEL 40F Suitable for motor boats approx 40ft in length, with a max weight of 14,000kg

DEL 48F Suitable for motor boats approx 48ft in length, with a max weight of 20,000kg


DEL 50F Suitable for motor boats approx 50ft in length, with a max weight of 26,000kg

DEL 60F Suitable for motor boats approx 60ft in length, with a max weight of 39,000kg

DEL 70F Suitable for motor boats approx 70ft in length, with a max weight of 45,000kg

DEL 70FEXT Suitable for motor boats approx 78ft in length, with a max weight of 50,000kg

DEL 80F Suitable for motor boats approx 80ft in length, with a max weight of 70,000kg

These cradles are adjustable in height and are of a simple bolted construction. All of our assembly bolts are zinc plated high tensile Grd 8.8 and for ease of assembly we use the same size bolts throughout the cradle where possible. Even our largest one way cradles can be assembled in less than 60minutes by two people with little instruction or training.

Modular Shipping Cradles the DEL20-30

Our design team first thought of our DEL20-30 range when visiting a dock and seeing a traditional old latticework cradle, we had manufactured, being loaded into several 40ft trailers. We asked ourselves the question, how can we design a cradle with strength and flexibility but without taking up so much space?

Our DEL20-30 Junior and Senior are the result of our labour and do just that. They are fully adjustable and being made from high yield steel, that is hot dipped galvanised are robust and long lasting.

The modular design lets you add sections to increase length and support. The range covers 40ft to 28M motor boats.

The real advantage of the DEL20-30 design is the flexibility.

The DEL20-30 can easily be adjusted to cradle a 50ft 20Tonne motor boat and then with a few extra components used to cradle a 28M 100Tonne motor boat.

After use the whole cradle can be dismantled, packed into a 20ft container and shipped for a fraction of the cost of a lattice work cradle used for the same boat.

In fact a traditional latticework cradle suitable for a 28M motor boat would require at least one 40ft container or flat rack for transport. DEL20-30 cradle components suitable for shipping two 28M boats can fit in one single 20ft container. This provides a massive cost saving and could give you the competitive edge.

The DEL20-30 uses the Superprop for strength and adjustment and the timber topped keel block can move anywhere along the spine section giving support where it is needed.

The innovative dog tooth feature for prop adjustment means that a cradle can be used and adjusted by one person.

The DEL20-30 is so adjustable that it can even cope with semi and full displacement hulled boats and even sailing yachts.

DEL20 - 30 DEL20 - 30 DEL20 - 30 DEL20 - 30 DEL20 - 30
DEL20 - 30 Closeup
DEL20 - 30 Empty
DEL20 - 30 Lashing
DEL20 - 30
DEL20 - 30 JNR

Sailing Yacht Shipping Cradles

Even though our DEL20-30 can cope with sailing yachts we do have our DEL-AYC Senior as a standalone modular cradle.

The DEL-AYC is ideal for smaller sailing yachts up to 15Tonne and can be extended to provide a third support for larger yachts up to 25Tonne. As with all of our reusable cradles the design is robust, simple to assemble and simple to use. Being hot dipped galvanised it will last for many years.

We also offer a DEL5-10AYC which is a one way version of our sailing yacht cradle. The DEL5-10AYC is not modular and is designed for yachts up to 10Tonne.

BigRig Super Yacht Cradling System

Our BigRig has given use something to be really proud of. Working with industry leaders in yacht shipping we have designed a real heavy weight cradling system.

We are often asked how heavy a boat our BigRig can cradle, the answer is 100's of tonnes. The modular stand design means that the bigger the boat, the more components can be utilised to provide support.

The BigRig utilises our Superprop to provide strength and adjustment. We use hot formed super high yield steel section and alloy machined steel in the design to ensure that the BigRig is more than fit for the loadings it is expected to cope with.

BigRig is hot dipped galvanised after manufacture to ensure that is long lasting.

Our BigRig comprises of several components, each designed for a certain job, when combined the components offer a market leading solution.

BigRig Tripod Stands

Our BigRig tripods are at the core of our BigRig system.

They are designed to give flexibility with the added advantage of standing up unaided. The unique swing arm allows for support closer to the keel than other stands whilst being able to avoid fittings on the hull.

Each stand is capable of supporting over 50Tonne of weight making it a real heavy hitter.

BigRig A Frame and Inverse Waterline Prop Supports

Our range of prop supports assist with waterline stability. Again using our Superprop is used to provide flexibility and adjustment once in position.

Our smaller prop supports can be supplied with extensions enabling them to be used on a variety of hull shapes.

BigRig Low Hull Supports “Wedges"

Locking the keel in place is important when cradling Super Yachts, we understand this and have developed our BigRig LHS or “Wedge".

The wedge head can rotate to adjust to the outline of a hull. This can be very useful when positioning components on a crowded ships deck.

The wedge is no light weight as you would expect when fulfilling this important job. To make adjustment into the keel easier we have designed the wedge head so it can slide and lock into its support beam. Also the support beam can be secured to the deck using twistlock fittings if required.

BigRig Spines

In some cases the propeller configuration requires a yacht to be lifted up for clearance during shipping. Traditionally timber has been used in a “Jenga" block arrangement to provide support. Our BigRig spines and heavy duty keel blocks can be used in place of timber to accomplish the same goal. The BigRig spines can be used to lash and secure the other BigRig components making them a useful addition to the system.

BigRig Bipods & Spines

The newest member of the BigRig team. Our bipods can be used as a standalone cradle for smaller yachts or as part of our BigRig system.

BigRig Bigpod

The bipods are low and fit in places of support that some of our tripods cannot quite fit. They are perfect for use with larger yachts with low flat hulls and fill a niche in the BigRig family.


We understand that even though our range of cradles is comprehensive there are lots of yachts in the world that may not fit our cradles, particularly our DEL One Way range.

Our in house design and manufacture means that we can modify or redesign our cradles to suit any requirements. We have vast experience with this and over the years have cradled some very special boats.

One of our favourites was the Humble. A beautiful Thames wooden barge that due to its age and required a lifting and shipping cradle.

The Humble was successfully shipped by our customer without damage or issue.

Humble 1
Humble 2